Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dumpster Diving! Oh yeah!

So Mom is a little upset with me and I am more than a little miserable. You see I went dumpster diving this morning while Mom was taking a shower. It wasn't actually the dumpster, it was the trash can in the kitchen, but you get the idea. The biggest problem with that is my size, at only 4 1/2 pounds I can't hold as much as I am willing to eat. Mom always says I would make a good junkyard dog because I will eat literally anything, at any time. She knows this, so the blame should really be on her shoulders for putting the food in the trash can. Sounds good to me!

Mom still hasn't figured out how I managed to get the trash can turned over in order to get to those two corn dogs. I'm not telling either, may need to use my trick again some day. I didn't just eat the corn dogs (Mom threw them in the trash cause she burned them last night) I also tore up some paper towels that had a piece of cheese wrapped in them and in order to get to those two corn dogs I had to "spread" the trash out a little.

She says she expects this out of Lola but not out of me. I never do anything really bad like She Dog does so this was completely out of character for me.

Damn, those were some good corn dogs, burned or not!

Do you see a lot of remorse on my face? Me either.

She really needs to stop using her phone camera and get the real camera out!

Trying to think of a way to blame She Dog for this....

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