Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Got Probed!

Yesterday was a traumatic day for me. I got probed. I had to go in for my yearly check with my doctor because of my seizures. He was very happy to hear how well the medicine is working and that I haven't had a seizure in months now. He also gave me my new rabies exempt certificate (that's when my seizures started, I had a horrible reaction to a rabies vaccination and now I can't take them anymore). He checked my blood and my heart, all good there. Then he says he is doing a check for worms. What?! I have never had a worm in my life and don't see the reason for a check on that every time I go in for my yearly exam. I think he is perverted. He likes probing. He grins....I wince....and then it was over before I even had a chance to try and bite him. He is getting faster. I have always managed to get him before. Not this time.

Me on my way home from the Vet. 

After the Vet I get to go by Pet Smart. Then Mom took us for lunch and I got chicken from Bojangles. I sure love that spicy chicken! Finally we are home and I am so tired. I found the pillows stacked up just right to make a tent for me so I crawled right in and took a nap. 

I really hate to get woke up from a deep sleep, I didn't even have time to adjust my ear. Mom says I look drunk in this one.

I did manage to roll over in preparation for a belly rub. There is nothing in this world I love more than a good belly rub.

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