Monday, November 28, 2011


There is a rumor going around that it is going to snow today. I don't do well in snow so I refuse to believe them. Mom says we have an advisory on the television but I still think Lola might be the one that started the rumor just to terrorize me some more.

Thanksgiving is over and I once again have my quiet house back. Unlike Lola, who doesn't have the sense that God gave a retarded tree frog, I don't like noise and confusion. I usually hide in the bedroom in my crate until the coast is clear. I sit on my throne and anyone brave enough to come and invade my territory to see me will be subject to a fit that will make their toes curl. I did enjoy the food Mom gave me. I love food, any food, even gross already chewed trash can food.  Mom is always saying I eat like a junk yard dog. I don't think she means it as a compliment.

I did get new toys and got to see my Sissy. She is one of the very few people I tolerate. I even made friends with her fiance this time and allowed myself to sit in his lap and gave him kisses. I am a little disappointed in myself for caving in like that but he was willing to share his burger with me.  I admit it, I am willing to pimp myself  for a good burger. Put some cheese on it and I will even kiss you.  I also got to see my Sissy #2, she is my favorite one. I too like cats better than most dogs so we get along just fine. She is the quiet one and I like quiet.

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