Sunday, February 19, 2012

Allergic To Lola

See how flushed my normally flawless and gorgeous skin looks?

My allergies are kicking in a little early this year and my Vet was out of town so I had to wait for him to get back to get my allergy shot. I spent three days of scratching, being dunked in oatmeal baths and zombified on Benedryl waiting for him. Boy, was I glad to see that big bear of a man! But it's over now, got my shot and I am back to Lola watching. I did try to tell Mom I think I am allergic to Lola, but she still says we have to keep her. It was worth a try.

I try to hard to figure out what goes through the head of Lunatic Lola, I just don't get the girl.  Most dogs, and people too, learn from their mistakes. Not this one, she will go back and do the same thing that got her in trouble the first time. I told Mom from the beginning that she looked a little "special needs" and we should have left her right there at the breeders. Did anyone listen to reason? No and now we have to put up with her.

She thinks she is some type of super hero, able to leap tall buildings, OK maybe it's only furniture but you get the idea. Last week while walking across a night table she fell and hurt her leg. Did almost giving Mom a heart attack and two days of limping on a sore leg teach her anything? Of course not, because she is...well...she is Lunatic Lola and that's what she does. She went right back to the scene of her crime and got caught in action.

There she is, in all her glory, about to walk across that same table again!

She thinks if she lays down she can crawl across did that work for you Lola? 

She is getting a "Sunday go to church" talk from Mom here and she is trying to look all pitiful, but also note that she has scooted just a little farther across the table. She kept it up until she was right where she wanted, across the table and into Mom's lap. She is a slick little hefer, I will give her that!

I promised her I wouldn't bring it up, but like any self respecting Chihuahua I can't keep a good snark in. Everyone please take note that Lunatic Lola has a diaper on! Mom can say all she wants that it isn't a diaper and is blue jean bloomers that go under Lola's dress, it still looks like a diaper to me! Not to mention does she think it is OK for the girl to take her dress off and go topless? Either way, diaper or topless, it's just wrong!

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  1. Dear Tucker,

    Your fur-sister Lola looks so sweet. Please be nice to her!

    I'm glad to hear your allergies are under control.

    Keep on wagging,