Monday, February 6, 2012

Lola's In Trouble!

My sister Lola is in a wee bit of trouble today.  Lola hates it when she sees anyone putting her toys up so Mom usually does it after she falls asleep. Last night Mom wasn't feeling well so she just wanted to hurry up and get it done. It set Lola into an outrageous temper tantrum. You should have seen her! She got on Mom's bed and she rolled around and cried, knocking all the pillows and a book off onto the floor. Mom could have overlooked that but Lola's next move was unforgivable. The girl left a giant pug log on Mom's bedroom floor! She got a good talking to from Mom. Then  she figured out this really complicated move so she can get in Mom's lap while she is on her desktop. Sometimes Mom uses the desktop because Lola bugs her when she is on the laptop. So the desktop has become kind of like Mom's little oasis away from Lola. Well let me tell you that island has now been invaded by one giant pug butted dog. There is an up side to all of this. I am reaping the benefits of Lola being in trouble and getting tons and tons of love and play time today since Lola has been in "time out" so many times.

Look Lola, it's Your Boy and he is playing with ME!
Belly Rub!!!!!

Damn, I'm good looking!

Shamelessly begging for another belly rub. There are some things you never have to much pride to do.

Shamelessly begging for butt scratches also falls into that category...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
Eat your heart out Lola, paybacks are a bitch!


  1. BOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! I would so be talking advantage of Lola's bad choices and hogging up all the mama love!!


  2. Yes, Tucker, I just read about Lola's mishap. Yes, paybacks.......

  3. You were tagged on my blog for some Q&A's! Play along if you want too and tell Lola I said that she can answers them on her blog as well!!