Friday, March 23, 2012

More Phenobarbital

Sorry for the short blogs lately but my Mom has been very sick and hasn't been getting on the computer much in the last couple of weeks. When she does she says it's to do mindless things she doesn't have to think about like designing.

I have had a little set back in my seizures in the last few weeks. At first we though it was because of all the commotion around here with Lola's surgery being so scary and my Mom being so sick. But I guess not, the vet has decided that my Phenobarbital just isn't doing what it was and he had to give me a higher dose. So now instead of 1/2 tablet 2x daily I have to take 1 tablet 2x daily. It sucks because of the damage it can do to my liver and Mom's been really upset about it. But I keep telling her I am a strong boy and we will be just fine.


  1. Oh sweet Tucker, I will pray for your good health. I also hope your mommy is getting better quickly. Hang in there sweetie, it will get better.

  2. Poor Tucker! I hope you and your mom will be feeling better really soon!!