Monday, April 30, 2012


It is against my better judgement but when it comes right down to it Lola is my sister. And even if she tries to eat me I do love her so I feel I have to do my part in trying to help her out. You see Lola has hemophilia and her blood doesn't clot so any little thing could make us lose her. As much as we fight, I don't really want to lose her. So I have decided to help her out, even though she doesn't have a nose like us Chihuahua's do, and put her Chip In on my page too. Her treatments to save her are very expensive and Mom just doesn't have the money so her Pug Slut (don't ask, you might not want to know about them) friends and all of Lola's friends chipped in and raised not only the $500 Mom needed for the first treatment but even some extra. Which was really good because they had a little trouble during the first treatment and poor Lola had to have two more half treatments and there was enough to cover those too.  I just can't believe there are such kind and wonderful people in this world. But Lola still is going to have to have four more treatments over the next few months but we have a great doctor and he has agreed to do those treatments for only $100 so I guess there are still some great vets left in this world too. Mom's friends told her she needed to leave the Chip In up for a while to maybe help with those treatments too. So that is why you will see Lola's Chip In on my page. If it's not to much to ask can you send all the juju and prayers you can for Lola, she really needs them, She has been so sick.

On a bad note Mom made me go outside today, now we all know I don't go outside considering I hate just about everything to do with the outdoors. She said she wanted me to get a little sun, my seizures have increased and the the vet has upped my medicine, Mom thought the sun might help ward off some of the liver damage my medication can cause. So look closely cause if I have anything to say about it, I won't go out again.

Can't you just see the joy in my face at being outside with killer bees, wind, wood flooring and sun?

I'm pretty sure those are tears in my eyes, begging to go back inside.

When we came back in I was still a little mad at her and refused to look at her.

But then she mentioned nap and my favorite pillow and I got weak.

Now this, THIS is my idea of heaven, a good nap and dreams to make me forget the horrors of the outdoors.


  1. Paws are crossed that your sissy gets better really soon...and for you as well! I know you hate the outdoors and all scary things that the outdoor involves, but you need to get better too!!


  2. I know what you mean about the outdoors. One of my pups loves the outdoors and the other only goes out when she really really has to, unless of course I'm walking her on her leash, she loves that. Hope your sister gets well really fast.