Friday, May 11, 2012

Proof of Lola's Cruelty!

Now she is going to go on her blog and spin a different story I'm sure, but I want to get my side out first. Before Lola had to go get her last treatment Mom brought her out IN THE SAME ROOM I WAS IN, she says we have to learn to get along. Exuse me? Have you not seen the girl try to eat me on numerous occassions? But she's sick, so I'm thinking maybe, just maybe it's time I try to be friends with her again. Mom made her wear her harness and leash just in case she had to quickly save my life from Jaws.

See that viscous attack?

See that tongue? Now tell me she wasn't having visions of chihuahua steak in her head!

Moving in for the kill!

Now she is stalking me!

Getting closer....

OMP She almost has me! Why is Her Boy just sitting there, not helping at all?

Seriously, all this stalking and heart stopping fear and all you want to do is sit in my lap?! Girl, do you not realize you have weight issues and I am tiny?

Guess Mom was right all along, the heifer was only trying to play with me. Still keeping my eye on her, her past doesn't leave me with much faith in her.

She is home from the hospital today, well she actually came home last night, acting all pitiful and getting all kinds of treats and attention from Mom and Her Boy. But I am going to let her get by with it this time cause that girl has been through a lot the last couple months and still has a way to go but we are hopeful for a cure or at least for her to become steady enough that we won't lose her. She has a bunch of guardian angels and two very special angels that are taking care of her. I have to admit it gives this little ole Chihuahua faith in humans. As a result of her angels Lola FINALLY has an official name. Mom has never sent her papers in because they never intended to breed or unfortunately, to sell her and they could never decide on a full name for her.  One of the names they picked out had my Sissy upset because she wants to use it for a future child (Dear God I will not ever be able to endure that torture!) so they had already decided to drop that one but just couldn't come up with anything they liked. You would think two people, two different brains it really shouldn't haven't been that hard, but this is Mom and Lola's Boy we are talking about so I guess we have to make special considerations for their limitations. Because of the Angel's The Boy has picked a name he wants to use, he says it's a special name and I can't tell it. That only Lola can disclose it on her blog. I'm going to tell it anyway it is:  Lola Englebert Humperdink Twinky Monkey Face Beluga Whale Trixie Fifibelle Buttwipe.  Ok, Ok so I just lied and made that up! Guess you will have to check out Lola's blog to find out.


  1. Tucker you are so kind and thoughtful allowing Lola to stalk and sit on you! Even though Pugs have weight issues, you are showing her pity since she is sick! So proud!


  2. There will come a day Higgins, when she is better and then it is on again!