Friday, December 16, 2011

I Got An Award!

My wonderful friend Coco-The Princess, and she truly is a Princess gave me this great award! There are a few rules with this award and I will be able to follow all of them except maybe for that picking only five friends part. I love all my friends and so love reading their blogs, even those pug creatures.

OK, so here are the rules straight from the Princess's mouth:

1.   Thank and link back to the doggy giving you the award.
2.   Reveal your top five blog picks.
3.   Copy and paste this award to your blog.
4.   Hope the five you choose pass it on to their five favorites. Or all their friends!
5.   Tell ten things no one knows about you.

Now my sister Lola got this award from Dachshund Nola and the requirements were a little different. Since I really like the sharing of  "10 things You Don't Know About Me" and found them fun to read I am going to add them here too.

1.   I would do anything for a piece of cheese, any kind of cheese!

2.   I have a seizure disorder that was caused from an allergic reaction to the rabies vaccine.

3.   I am what is called a Naked Chihuahua, I have no fur on my under side or legs and very little on the rest of my body. The hairiest place I have it two little tufts on each side of  my head right below my ears on my neck and on my butt swirls. I have really cute butt swirls. People love to rub me because they say my skin feels like velvet. I have to either be covered or wear sunscreen if I go out in the sunlight.

4.   My Mom had no intentions of getting a new baby the day she got me. She had actually gone to the breeder's with a friend to pick up the friend's new baby Chihuahua. Since my Mom had wanted a Naked Chihuahua for years,  and we are kinda hard to find,  the minute she saw there was one in the litter and that I was the smallest in the litter she snatched me right up and brought me home. I rode home in her shirt pocket. We stopped at my Vet on the way home and I weighed a whopping 5 ounces but was very healthy.

5.   I use to love all people and was very friendly.  When I was 2 yrs old a visitor to our house was playing with me, I love to play "chase me around the kitchen island", he tricked me and changed directions on me, when we came face to face he stomped his foot and said "I have you now!" He was only playing but it scared me so badly that I fell over on my back and just screamed. From that day on I don't trust anyone but my family and don't like strangers at all.

6.   I am glued to my Mom 24/7

7.   I am allergic to so many things that we don't even count them anymore.  My worst allergy though is fleas, one bite from a flea makes me sick all over so Mom has to be very vigilant about having me around any animal that might have fleas.

8.   I get along with cats better than I do dogs.

9.   I am an eating machine. Funny, everyone thinks that would be my sister Lola's job since she is a pug, but it isn't, she is really good around food. Me? I have no control and will steal it, beg for it and literally eat anything you give me as many times as you will give it to me. Mom always says I would be a good junkyard dog with my eating habits.

10.  I hate anything to do with being outside. I simply refuse to walk outside and really don't like anyone carrying me outside either. Rain, OMD, rain is the worst! If a single raindrop falls on my head I scream like I am the devil and it's holy water. I hate grass, concrete, wind and anything else connected to the outside world. I will watch nature through a window, thank you!

Now here is where I have a problem, I just can't choose only 5 friends, I just can't . So I want all my friends to use this award on their page!

Thank you so much Coco-The Princess for this award. I am proud to call you my friend!

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