Monday, December 26, 2011

Stranger Danger!

It's been a long weekend for me. I don't like different people in my house and it makes me so tired barking at them. But I have to since Lola isn't smart enough to realize there is stranger danger everywhere. Someday someone is going to kidnap that girl, drive her into the woods and leave her. I on the other hand will be home safe and sound because I know not to trust anyone that hasn't lived in this house for the whole of my six years of life. Stranger danger is nothing to play around with!

Other than the people I had a good Christmas, I got some new toys and Mom let us taste a lot of food. We all know that food is going to go straight to Lola's pug butt, I will keep my boyish figure. Oh...did I really just say "boyish"?

So I'm going to go rest with Mom for a while, we are both all tuckered out. Pun inteneded. God, I crack myself up!

Mom, are you about ready to snuggle?  I love the way my eyes glow all Christmasy red!

Is she ever going to get here and lay down with me....

I'll just lay my head down and wait patiently.....

Forget it, she is taking too long! She will have to wake me when she gets here.

You all did pay attention to my boyish figure in these pictures, didn't you?


  1. I am right there with you on the stanger danger!! When our house was on the market, I could smell that strangers were in my house and I would be on high alert for hours!!


  2. Tucker you are so adorable. My girls agree about the stranger danger, unless someone pets them, then it's over! Friends forever.