Thursday, January 5, 2012

Understanding the Pug

I noticed today that my sister, Lola, has written on her blog the description of the Chihuhua origins. In the interest of education I think it only fair that we also explore the origins of the Pug. We all know these odd looking canines as being cute and cuddly, however there is a dark side and humans should be aware that these dogs are NOT what they may seem to be outwardly.

Scientist believe the Pug is a hybrid, most likely bred for the sole purpose of irritating Chihuahua's. Living with one of these creatures in my own house makes me tend to agree. These canines are a hybrid of the Chinese Meishan Pig, the Tasmanian Devil and the Geoffroy's Tamarin Monkey. Let's take a closer look at this hybrid canine.

Geoffroy's Tamarin Monkey. It is easy to see the pug's strong genetic resemblance to this particular species of Tamarin monkey. Make note of the tongue in the second picture as this seems to be a dominate trait readily displayed in the pug.

Chinese Meishan Pig. Here we can see the similarity of body type and the prominent wrinkles, both dominate traits in the pug. Scientist suspect that the mingling of genes with the Geoffroy's Tamarin Monkey has greatly reduced ear size in the pug while retaining the ear shape. The normally straight tasseled tail of the Meishan as opposed to the pug's curled tail could possibly be explained by earlier crossings with the domestic pig.

While there doesn't appear to be a distinct resemblance in looks there are similarities between the pug and the Tasmanian Devil. The personality of the pug so closely resembles that of the Tasmanian Devil that scientist believe there has been some mingling of genes. This is under great dispute and still being studied. A brief description of the Devil makes me inclined to believe there has, at some point in the history of the pug, been some hanky panky with the Devil. See below.

"Tasmanian Devil's are regarded as mini-vacuum cleaners, because when they are done with their eating, nothing remains. The devil is a very noisy eater and goes in an instant rage when disturbed while eating. Its spine-chilling screeches,offensive odor when stressed and the ability to flip between activity and torpor and back again in a matter of seconds led early settlers to call it "The Devil."

The Tasmanian Devil pug that lives with us. It is easy to see the traits of the Geoffroy's Tamarin Monkey and the Meishan pig. The personality so closely resembles that of the Tasmanian Devil that this can not be a mere coincidence.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha, BOL!! Now that is more like it!!! Chihuahuas rule!


  2. I am watching you, Tucker!

  3. I think you're on to something here. You might be interested to know that when my Lilly was a puppy she made noises exactly like a Tasmanian devil.

  4. too funny... I take it you don't get along too well with your sister???

  5. Well Lola kind of started the whole thing by writing about me on her blog. If you like this one you might like to read her description of the Chihuahua.