Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"As Wordless As My Mom Can Be" Wednesday!

See this tye-dyed dog? I use to be terrified of it. It was bigger than me when I got it and I freaked out every time I saw it and we had to send it to my Grammy's house to live for years. Then one day I saw it there and decided to put it in my crate and shut the door on it with my nose and left it there all night. I kept checking on it to make sure it was there throughout the night.  The next day I decided to play with it and it is now my favorite toy.

I have chewed pieces off of it's ears off.

I chewed the tip of it's tail off.

I chewed one toe off.

I chewed a hole in it's nose.

But I still love my favorite toy, even with all of it's imperfections!


  1. It's not an imperfect toy, you just made it custom! BOl!!


  2. Chewing it up makes it so much more fun.