Sunday, January 15, 2012

Am I Losing My Masculinity?

I have something bothering me. This "person" and I use that term very lightly, I did notice a lot of fur around his lips but he doesn't have those good looks us Chihuahua's are so known for and his ears are a little small so I'm not really sure what breed he would be, if not human. Anyway, he comes in here and thinks he is going to take MY place on the couch. I don't think so! If I go back in there and he has my Snuggie on too on we are going to have a major problem around here. I am questioning his intelligence too. Mom has told him I don't like people who have not been around since the day I was born new people and will snap at him if he tries to touch me. Sounds like fair warning to me. He insists I will like him and has spent the last two hours trying to pet me. Just how many times am I going to have to bite this fool before he gives up? I am a little worried though, most people give up and run for cover the minute I growl, this one didn't. Am I losing some of my machismo?

I had Mom take a picture and I think I still have it. I mean, I look pretty big and bad to me. But could I just be a legend in my own mind?

Then she goes and captures this. My softer, more feminine side.

Oh God Mom, did you have to catch Lola's Boy baby talking to me too? You're ruining my reputation!


  1. Now Tucker you can still be masculine without the nipping. Guys need to be soft and loving too! Come on and give a little will get you lots of more petting!

  2. My mom always ruins my manly side when the camera comes out! She seems to take the picture just when I let my mantastic-ness slip a tiny bit!! Grrr.

    Also, some humans are just plain takes them awhile or a few bites to learn that we chihuahuas mean business!!

  3. Oh Tucker, I think you are still in charge. Hang in there sweetie, it will be okay.