Saturday, March 3, 2012

Proper Way To Carry A Chihuahua

I have a problem with my feet or my delicate little butt touching the floor. I blame it on Mom for carrying me everywhere when I was a baby. She says I am just a stubborn ass. This is the only way a Chihuahua should be properly carried, remember Lola's Boy is 6'2" tall so I am way up there!


  1. Ohhhhhh, I love that!! The middle some must get a hoodie so I can ride around in style as well!! BOL!!!


  2. That's awesome! You know what else would be fun is to lay inside the front pocket of a hoodie. You'd fit right in there!

    Nicole and Macho

  3. Oooh, nice! My Chihua bros get to ride in a backpack. When they/we go to Reno they get to even ride in the mall! 'Course it's Nevada not California (we live in Ca half way btw Chico and Reno). My mom calls one of the chi bro's Peepee Choo. (His name is Chewy) Other chi bro jumped out of the car window once on a dirt road, so not very fast, rolled like a hotdog on the ground and had apoplexy! Since then he's had occasional seizures. So far only a couple a year. We all hates them:( So we all feel for ya'll, all the way around. (There's 6 of us k9's) Hugs and licks to you too, you WeeWeeChu, you!

    ~Always, Spencie the Pug