Monday, July 30, 2012

Well She Brought Her Back

Every time I think that girl is gone for good, Mom goes and drags her back in the house again. I had a couple good days all to myself, well I was still glued to Mom:

That is Mom under the comforter we keep on the sofa.

You never know when it might hit her what Lola really is and she makes a break and runs, so I stay close.

If she goes, I go. Enough said.

I heard Lola kicked up quite the fuss at the hospital and Mom had to get out in the middle of the night, OK so I exaggerated a little, it was early, early morning, around 4:30 am to go get her. I stayed home, it was bad enough Mom went in lime green pajamas with monkeys all over them but then to have to walk in where Lola was doing her pug screaming would have just been too much. I, unlike others in my family do have some dignity. 

Well except for this one habit I have that Mom caught on film. So what? I like to suck on my rubber dog! I'm sure I'm not the only dog in the world that puts themselves to sleep by sucking on a rubber dog, there are probably clans of them in small pockets all over the US and the UK. Someday you're going to see us on the TV show Taboo.

I like to start by pretending I am playing with it, this throws people off.

Then when I think no one is looking I start to gently suck on what's left of it's ear. Most of the ear met an untimely death months ago.

Sometimes for variation I like to drag it out of the bed and give it a wee chew before I get down to some serious sucking.

Now I am sleepy so back to the bed I go and settle down to some serious sucking, Mom says I make awful noises while I am doing this, she's probably lying about that. I mean come on who is going to believe a woman that showed up at the vet in lime green flannel pj's with monkeys on them? Not I!


  1. D'oh! Your mom always ruins it for you, huh? At least you can BOL at your mom showing up in her PJ's to pick Lola up!!!!


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