Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still Hope

OK, Mom has to take Lola in for some kind of something that they didn't tell her about in the beginning of these treatments. Now this is sad news for Lola and hard news for Mom, but for me, it's hope. Hope that this time they will keep the girl. Feed her to the cows she is so fond of, turn her out to pasture like they do old horses, better yet send her to the glue factory. They do make Pug Glue, don't they? Something, anything to keep her away from me. Want to see how she stalks me? I have it on film, let the heifer deny it now! I think it will hold up in court.

I am on the other side of that door, in mine and Mom's bedroom, she is waiting for a chance to eat me.

Just look at her, she acts like she has nothing to do but wait for me, all day. Can't she go look out a window or something, lot's of dogs out there for her to look at.

God forbid, I made the mistake of coming close to the door and Sherlock here hears me breathing.

Yes, that is Mom's knee, on the toilet, Lola thinks she is incapable of going on her own, like she is her personal laxative or something. I'm telling you that dog is not normal, skewed in the brain.

She can't hear me anymore so she is going to wait until she can.

Now she is thinking Mom is going to help her out and open the door so she can have me for lunch.

Very disappointed in Mom for not helping her out, probably sad too that Mom is getting off the toilet and she sees her chance for getting me slipping away.

Lazy day today (and every other day), storms, wind and rain. Gives me an excuse and no one makes fun of me for doing what I do best which is sleeping. 

Catchin' me some zzzzzzzz's

Then THIS always happens, some idiot, which is usually Mom, comes along and ruins your plans for the day.

I tried begging to get her to leave.

So I said a little prayer for her rudeness

Finally God heard me and sent her away, probably to play with the hell hound known as Lola.

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