Monday, August 27, 2012

I Love You, Man!

Ok, I think you all know that Mom has drug in another stray, only this one is different. I love him! He is a red MinPin and from the minute he walked in this house we have been best buds. His name is Bentley, Mom doesn't know why she named him that, she said it was the first thing that came to mind and he answers to it so all is good.
Mom tried her best to find his owners, she went door to door, put up adds, listed him on several web sites and the Human Society. No one claims him. The vet said he wasn't chipped and is full blooded, he is very healthy so he is now ours. At first she said he would only be staying until she found him a home but he is such a sweetheart that she now wants to keep him. I haven't had to the heart to tell him about the big neuter surgery he is soon facing. I'll just love him through it afterwards and swear to him I knew nothing about it before hand. Sometimes a white lie is better than the truth. So anyway, here is is his picture:

Meet Bentley Chance (because he is a rescue and is getting a second chance)

We like to snuggle and sleep together, kinda makes me want to tell Lola to "Bite this Big Girl, I got a new buddy and don't need your flat face!"

So when Lola first saw him she thought she wanted to eat him even more than she wants to eat me, he quickly put that girl in her place. Yep, growled and dropped her butt to the ground, showed her who was boss. Basically he de-throned her and her power. She doesn't even try to mess with him now and last night they played together. I don't trust the girl, I know her sneaky game, she is trying to take my new BFF from me, won't happen we have bonded so closely that if Mom picks me up to give me medicine or carries me into another room he cries until she brings me back to him. He loves me.

So take this Lola!


  1. Bentley is so cute! We are glad that you made a new friend.

    Nicole and Macho

  2. I just have to figure out a way to keep Mom from painting some white spots on him, she thinks he looks like a baby dear. But he sure is a good buddy.