Thursday, November 10, 2011

Freeze Warnings?

Mom just got a text from the police department about freeze warnings tonight. Do they have any idea what freeze warnings do to a naked Chi? Puts fear in my heart! Of course, it would be even worse if I came out from under the covers once in a while and actually felt it.

Reminds me of last year when it snowed here. We live in Alabama and although it gets cold here it rarely snows, at least not what Mom calls snow. You see she isn't from here, she is from a place that gets a lot of cold weather and snow and she misses it. So every year she glues herself to the weather reports, just waiting on something that never comes. Last year it did come, kinda, not as much as Mom would like or is use to but at least she got so see some flakes. I was not impressed with it myself.

I have this coat with a furry hood and I don't like walking when I have that coat on, I look like the town drunk staggering around in it. Then she got this bright idea to buy me boots to match it. I am a dog for God's sake, I am not built to wear stupid boots! She bought the boots anyway. She dresses me up in that coat and boots, which weigh almost as much as I do and took me outside. Outside?! I don't like grass, concrete, wind or rain, basically, I don't like anything that is in any way connected to being outside. I prefer my sunlight streaming through a window pane. So why she thought that was such a good idea and that I would enjoy it is beyond me. She sets me down. On a hill. Now an idiot knows not to put a 5 pound dog in 6 pounds worth of clothing on a hill! Even if it was a very tiny hill like she claimed, looked more like Mt. Everest to me. It was inevitable that I was going to lose my balance and roll down the hill, which I promptly did. Now I hate snow too.

So if we get snow this year I will watch the rest of them go outside from the window. They can enjoy it all they want. Since Lola isn't wrapped real tight they can probably convince her to go with them.

Good thing Mom always keeps this comforter on the sofa for me! I am already snuggling in for the big freeze tonight.

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